According to checklist of the Wanariset Herbarium, in 1989/1990 the herbarium housed 1,735 collection number with 649 identified species.


In 1999, Rijksherbarium in Leiden sent 540 collections originally from Brunei, Sabah, and Sarawak with additional 603 collection originally from Barito Ulu project. Annually, there are increases of the collection number from regular exploration by the researchers and technicians, and also donations from the other herbarium and researcher in Indonesia and abroad.


The major collections are Angiosperm plant from several level of habitat such as trees, lianas, shrubs, herbs, parasitic, and epiphytes. However, small amount of collections from Fern and connivers also available. There are four parasitic plants specimens stored in the WAN: Rafflesia pricei Meijer dan Rhizanthes lowii (Becc.) Harms (Rafflesiaceae), Balanophora papuana Schltr. (Balanophoraceae)


Herbarium collections database are managed by using Botanical Research and Herbarium Management System or BRAHM.


Recently, until January 2019, the Wanariset Herbarium is home for  19,799 collections number with 3,675 identified species.


Graphic shows trends of collection numbers since 1989 to 2014 in Herbarium Wanariset: